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welcomeslideshowWelcome to the Offical Treutlen County/City of Soperton, Georgia website!


We are a small county located on I-16 in Southeast Georgia between Macon and Savannah, but one with much history and promise. We are located in what once was called the “piney woods and wiregrass” region of Georgia, but our small county has a surprising legacy of leadership, stewardship, and economic development related to the pine tree and other endeavors. We continue to be located in a vast green sea of fragrant southern pines, and an outdoor paradise between the scenic blackwater of the Ohoopee and Oconee rivers. We have much to offer the visitor, the resident, or the entrepreneur. Please join us for the day or a lifetime to live, work, or play in our small town where you can find innovative opportunity amidst a scenic panoramic background filled with much history and a verdant landscape of towering pines. All the while, you can experience true southern charm, great southern food, old-fashioned family values, grace, and hospitality and an enviable rural quality-of-life. The City of Soperton is called “The Million Pines City” for reasons beyond the beautiful year-round green landscape! We are green even in winter, and are truly “green” in many respects, and we were so long before it was current and cool!


Come feel and experience for yourself our wonderful environment for living, working, playing, or doing business which we know and treasure!


Please take time to learn more about our interesting history, our current community, and the many opportunities we offer. You should be able to find links to just about whatever you need to know.


Thank you for your interest in our special community!














With a popoulation density of 35 people per square mile, the population of Treutlen County is about 7,100 persons (7,058 in 2009), while the City of Soperton’s population is about 3,300 persons (3,274 in 2009)


Treutlen County’s climate is very mild. It receives about 46 inches of rain per year and has an average of 215 sunny days per year. The average temperature is 48.6° F in January (Avg. low of 36.9° F) and 76.8° F in July (Avg. high of 93° F).


The Median Cost of Housing in Treutlen County in 2010 was $60,390 compared to the U.S. average of $183,450.


The Cost of Living in Treutlen County is 26.10% lower than the U.S. Average

TC Courthouse
Troup's Toomb
Troups Toomb
John Adams Treutlen


Treutlen County was named for the State of Georgia’s first governor, John Adams Treutlen, and one of the state’s early governors important in its settlement history, George Troup, is buried there.


Treutlen County and its leaders have been important contributors and cooperators in the development of southern yellow pine forest management and utilization.


MilionPines FestivalA local farmer, James Fowler, was one of the first to plant pine trees as a crop, and his Million Pines Plantation is the antecedent for the City of Soperton’s moniker as the “Million Pines City” and its famous Million Pines Arts and Crafts Festival.


The first newspaper published on newsprint made from southern yellow pines was the local weekly, The Soperton News, in 1933.



The Gillis family of Treutlen County has made many contributions to the political, forest, natural resources, conservation, and leadership landscape of Georgia, including earning distinctions as being the early legislative supporters of forestry and conservation, the first highway commissioner, the longest serving legislator in the nation, and many others.



Curt Barwick House

Soperton/Treutlen County’s Welcome Center located along I-16 at the Georgia Hwy. 29 intersection, is located in an 1845 log cabin, the Curt Barwick House.


There are many historic structures in the county, particularly those in the City of Soperton, although many date from the late 1890s or early 1900s.

Soperton City Hall
Soperton City Hall


The City of Soperton City Hall is located in an historic railroad depot.


The Treutlen County Courthouse (1919) is still in use and is the only one in the County’s history.

Treutlen County Courthouse












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Treutlen County is a small, rural county in southeast Georgia located along I-16 between Macon and Savannah. The county has about 7,000 residents and has been modest over the last ten years.  Treutlen County builds on its rich history with enhanced tourism centered on the Million Pines Arts and Craft Festival, the Million Pines Plantation and its importance to forestry in Georgia; other rehabilitated historic landmarks, and the pristine beauty of the Oconee and Ohoopee rivers.


Treutlen County sees its location near the local rural growth centers of Vidalia and Dublin, and along I-16 between Macon and Savannah, as its principal future opportunities for growth. The rural quality of life; the abundant natural and cultural resources, including the Oconee and Ohoopee Rivers, Sand Hill and Wildwood Lake, other natural beauty, many historic landmarks; and the availability of relatively inexpensive land will facilitate such growth.


Treutlen County has developed in the past due to the abundant forest and farmland.  Future growth will depend on these same two resources, plus residential development for surrounding areas and new industrial development.














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SopCityHallSoperton, Georgia is located in middle Georgia, surrounded by Emanuel, Johnson, Laurens, Montgomery, Toombs, and Wheeler Counties. Soperton is accessible by State Highways 29, 56(221), 46, 15 and is located six miles from Interstate 16.


The origninal land of Soperton, Georgia was property of the State of Georgia. Somewhere around June, 1902, Governor Herschel Johnson deeded some land to a local citizen group to begin the town of Soperton. The town was founded as a station of the Macon, Dublin, and Savannah Railroad. The Georgia Legislature granted a Town Charter to Soperton on December 12, 1902. Soperton was named after Mr. Benjamin Franklin Soper (1856 - 1907) who founded the Southern Railway Mine and Milling Company and was instrumental in the construction of the railroad. Soperton was located in Montogmery County until August 1917 when the State Legislature passed a constitutional amendment creating the County of Treutlen. The new county of Treutlen was created from a part of Emanuel and Montgomery Counties, which was approved by local referendum in November 1918, and began operations on January 1, 1919, with Soperton as the County Seat. Soperton has continuied to rise out of obscurity to a fixed place among the more important cities.














ChamberofCommerceThe Mission of the Soperton-Treutlen Chamber of Commerce, located at 488 Second Street S., is to improve and enhance the economic vitality and the quality of business life for the total community and area. To serve as an advocate, voice and resource for the businesses in our area and to provide partnership opportunities for business, community and government.


Our aim is to improve economic opportunities in the community by leveraging the talents and resources of our members to help local businesses succeed.  We provide unique opportunities for individuals and businesses to make a difference and create a stronger community.


Why is our work important?  The chamber is the one organization focused on business growth, leadership development, entrepreneurship and community enhancement in Soperton and Treutlen County.  We work to bring together leadership from business, government, non-profits, and education to address issues and the needs of our community.



















Soperton-Treutlen Development Authority


For More Information: Click Here


Q: Where can I find information about starting my own business in the county?


A: The Treutlen County Development Authority has put together a booklet which tells a person interested in setting up his or her business everything they would ever need to know from securing permits to obtaining possible financing. Copies of the booklet can be obtained by prospective business owners from the Development Authority office. Copies have also been placed in City Hall, The Commissioners office, and the Chamber of Commerce office.

























TCSRenderingQuick Fact:

The Treutlen County School System became operative on January 01, 1919 after Treutlen County was created from parts of Montgomery and Emanuel Counties. Several early schools existed in this new county until statewide integration in 1970 under the guidance of Mr. Bobby Driggers, Sr., Superintendent of Schools at that time.


District Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Treutlen County Schools for all students to graduate from high school prepared to continue their education or to enter the workforce.


Superintendent's Office Board Members
Treutlen County School System

Treutlen County Board of Education

5040 Third Street South

Soperton, Georgia 30457

(P): 912-529-7101

(F): 912-529-4226

Alvin Heath, Chair

Treutlen County Elementary School

601 College St.

Soperton, Georgia 30457


Jeff Raiford, Vice-Chair
Jon Hutcheson
Leo Gillis
Demetria Noble Elementarysch


For More Information: Click Here
Cheryl Conley  

Office Staff


Regina Harris - Assistant Superintendent (Curriculum/Federal Program)

Sherry Love - Administrative Assistant

Mary Jane Corbin - Finance/Business Operations

Treutlen Middle/High School

1201 Fowler Street

Soperton, Georgia 30457


Scott Heaton - Information Technology
Cindy Foskey - Student Information Systems
Hours of Operation: Middle/Highsch
Mon - Fri, 8 - 5
per Board-Approved Work Schedule




The Soperton-Treutlen Recreation Department operates and maintains over 38 acres of recreation area at two parks. The 22 acre recreation complex is located on Ballpark Road just off of State Route 46 and has four lighted ball fields. Flag football, baseball, soccer, and softball are played at the complex. Concessions are available when games are being played. The complex also has two lighted tennis courts, a basketball court, and a very nice playground for young children. The recreation department provides a program for basketball, which is played at the high/middle school gym.


Sports Offered

Youth Baseball. Softball, & Teeball

For Boys and Girls ages 3-14

Participation Fee = $25

Season: April to June

Click Here to Get Registration Form For Ball.


Age Age Control
Teeball (Boys & Girls) 3-4 Must be 3 by Jan 1
Teeball (Boys & Girls) 5-6 Must be 3 by Jan 1
PeeWee Baseball (Boys) 6-8 May 1
Mite Baseball 9-10 May1
Mite Softball 7-10 Jan 1
Midget Baseball 11-12 May 1
Midget Softball 11-12 Jan 1
Junior Baseball 13-14 May 1
Junior Softball 13-14 Jan 1
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Registration for the Below Sports Are Done at the Same Time:

Click Here to Get Registration Form For The Below Sports.

Youth Flag Football

For Boys ages 4-6

Participation Fee = $25

Season: Begins After Soccer Season

Played at Recreation Department


Youth Tackle Football

For Boys ages 7-10

Participation Fee = $25

Season: Begins After Soccer Season

Played at High School Field


Youth Soccer

For Boys and Girls ages 3-12

Participation Fee = $25

Season: Around Start of School

Played at Recreation Department


Youth Cheerleading

For Boys and Girls ages 3-10

Participation Fee = $25

Season: Begins After Soccer Season


If Interested in Sponsorship of a Team:

Contact Alex Spivey



If Interested in Advertisement of a Business:

Contact City Hall


For More Information:

Contact Alex Spivey



The Soperton-Treutlen Recreation Department does not provide a football program for the youth of Treutlen County. The youth football program is handled by volunteers. The equipment is provided through donations. Games are played at the Treutlen County High/Middle School Field.


The 16 acre Jean Gillis Park is located on Railroad Avenue. It has a walking trail, a walking track, a playground, and a football practice field. The Dave Gillis House is located in the park.Jean Gillis


There are also numerous fishing and hunting opportunities located throughout the county.  The Oconee and Ohoopee Rivers provide an abundance of freshwater fishing and miles of winding waterways for those who prefer to ride boats and fish. Two public boat landings are located on the Oconee River. Dead River Landing and the State Route 46 Landing are county owned and maintained. There are also numerous private landings as well. Numerous private hunting clubs utilize Treutlen County’s vast forest and wetland areas for hunting.hwy46deadriver













Where can I find information about starting my own business in the county?

The Treutlen County Development Authority has put together a booklet which tells a person interested in setting up his or her business everything they would ever need to know from securing permits to obtaining possible financing. Copies of the booklet can be obtained by prospective business owners from the Development Authority office. Copies have also been placed in City Hall, The Commissioners office, and the Chamber of Commerce office.

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Events Information:

Million Pines Festival

November 5-6, 2016

Iva Park



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